Parmafood Group Distribution takes over the import of the KIKKOMAN brand in Romania.

Starting June 1, 2024, Parmafood Group Distribution will take over the import of the Kikkoman brand for the Romanian market. Kikkoman has been present in the Romanian market since 2009, currently holding the market leader position in the soy sauce category with a market share of 56.2%, according to AC Nielsen.

The story of the Kikkoman brand begins in 1603 in Noda, Japan, where the Mogi and Takanashi families started producing soy sauce using the traditional natural fermentation process. Kikkoman is still made today according to the same ancient recipe, with the same ingredients: soybeans, wheat, salt, and water, all fermented through a natural process whose secret has been very well preserved by 30 generations.

For centuries, naturally brewed soy sauce has been used to season Asian cuisine, predominantly in Japan. Today, Kikkoman's natural soy sauce enhances the flavor of food in countries all over the world, from the Mediterranean to Scandinavia and from Asia to America. It is no coincidence that Kikkoman is the world leader in the soy sauce market and holds one of the most recognized logos globally. The name Kikkoman has a special meaning: “Kikko” means tortoise shell in Japanese, and “man” means 10,000. According to a Japanese legend, tortoises live up to 10,000 years and are symbols of happiness, success, and longevity, uniting "tradition" with "innovation."

Kikkoman owns 11 factories worldwide and is a leader both internationally and in Europe, with 47.2 million liters sold in Europe alone in 2023.

Parmafood's current portfolio contains over 40 brands of food products from Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain, the USA, and Thailand. With 32 years of experience in import and distribution, Parmafood covers both the HoReCa segment and Modern Retail – IKA.

Between 2021 and 2024, Parmafood strengthened its portfolio by adding products from Mediterranean, Tex Mex, Indian, Middle Eastern, and now Japanese cuisine.

In 2024, Kikkoman will be present at events dedicated to final consumers (Asia Fest, Asian Food Fest, Street Food) and aims to participate in events dedicated to professional chefs. From May 2024, Kikkoman has joined the HoReCa Culinary School team, where various training modules will be held.