In more than 70 years, Calvo, the family business founded by Luis Calvo Sanz in 1940 in Spain, has become a leading company in Spain and Brazil, and one of the largest global players. 
Calvo owns 2 fish processing plants with a production capacity of 56,000 tons, and 11 fish vessels. Tuna amounts 59.1% of the total production, the rest being sardines and fish salads.
The brands available in Romania are Calvo and Nostromo.
Calvo offers a wide range of products from over 100 categories, both for the retail and horeca markets.
Calvo’s production process guarantees high quality tuna.
Calvo dedicates much of its resources and efforts to create and strengthen the brand value. The advantage of these products is their very good selling price for such high quality, given that the tuna being sliced, not chopped.
Calvo product categories include: tuna in olive oil, vegetal oil, tomato sauce, with oregano and garlic, or the tuna sandwich category.